Discussion session: group agreement

Zoom together. If possible, please share your screen view of yourself during the online discussion as it can really help everyone to feel like we are in the room together. But also, please do not worry if you cannot share your view of yourself during the discussion. Please try to mute yourself when you are not speaking so we can minimise background noise.

Here are some key principles for us, based on a hopeful approach between all of us working together towards the same or similar goals.


  • Let’s take a non-judgmental approach, for each other and our different experiences and roles 
  • Let’s be inclusive and welcoming of difference and diversity – to keep these spaces safe, we will challenge the use of offensive, derogatory or discriminatory language and remove anyone who makes others feel unsafe
  • Challenge an issue not the person
  • Be mindful of other people’s views and beliefs
  • Only share what you feel comfortable sharing and be considerate and respectful of people’s information


  • Aim to talk freely as a group and to look to the group for support
  • Actively listen to each other. Make sure everyone is able to take part. Please talk one at a time, and please try not to interrupt or monopolise the discussion
    • more talkative people: try to share the space 🙂
    • quieter people: your contributions are very welcome!
  • Humour is welcome – as long as it doesn’t offend others
  • Feel free to swear, but please don’t swear at other people
  • Try to keep your language accessible, for example try not to use acronyms or abbreviations without explanation
  • Take time out if you need it, no explanation necessary or you can let us know in the chat. Feel free to fidget, move around, busy your hands – there is no obligation to stay sitting and staring into the camera


  • Please don’t screenshot, record or live tweet the session or the chat – the other participants have not given consent to this
  • Feel free to share ideas and themes outside of the discussion, but please don’t share other people’s personal experiences 
  • Just like in a face-to-face group, we can’t guarantee that confidentiality won’t be broken by others – please only share what you are comfortable sharing

If you would like to speak to someone from the NSUN team directly about an issue you are experiencing, please use the dropdown box in the chat to speak to a team member. You can also email us at info@nsun.org.uk but we may not pick up the email straightaway.