In conversation with StopSIM

29th November, 15.30-16.40

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StopSIM are a grassroots coalition of service users and allies campaigning for the High Intensity Network’s Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) model to be halted immediately, and for a national independent inquiry and review to be conducted as soon as possible on the grounds that that SIM is unlawful, unethical and unacceptable. 

The Coalition is a collection of activists from across the United Kingdom. They are past or present service users, carers and allies (in addition to many other things). The coalition formed in April 2021. There is no one individual responsible for its establishment. Multiple service users have been speaking up about Serenity Integrated Mentoring and the High Intensity Network for a length of time; concerns were raised as far back as 2018.

The coalition successfully led a national campaign and worked on statements, Freedom of Information requests, and high profile meetings, causing NHS England to publish a letter publicly outlining their intention to conduct a review of SIM.

This two-part podcast (with the first episode premiered on 29th November and the second episode premiering a week later) sees NSUN member Erica sit down with a few of the coalition to look back on the campaign: the impact it had on the members of the coalition, as well as the highlights and moments of pride.

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